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Interoute Transport were founded in 1964 by Pierre and his wife MONTOY. The company was first active place in the transport of people but very quickly, the company reoriented to transport goods, particularly in the national distribution to mechanical parts in the automotive sector.

The national distribution service 24 hours being revolutionary in its day, it knew very quickly growing success and several additional services were added over the years. In 1970, Interoute was the first Luxembourg company to offer a 24 hours service from Belgium on the entire country of Luxembourg and this formed the same specialization Interoute for years to come ...


Interoute 1963 Taxi

April 1, 1964: Constitution of Taxis - Bus P.Montoy

1968: Shift to the Luxembourg national transport

1970: Opening to international transport (Belgium, Spain, Italy ...)

1970: First distribution service 24h on Luxembourg as a whole

1975: Opening of Interoute agency in Brussels


Interoute 1990 Volvo F10

1985 Construction of facilities Foetz

1987 Constitution of Transport Interoute Sàrl

1988 Complete computerization of transport management

1994 Distribution Service on the Belgian province of Luxembourg

2000 M & Ms Pierre Montoy take their pension


Interoute 2008 Volvo FL6

2000 Takeover of the family business by children Luc and Pascale MONTOY 

2004 Interoute celebrates 40 years of existence 

2005 Installation of a geolocation system of Interoute fleet 

2009 Complete overhaul of corporate IT 

2013 Installation of an automated sorting system